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Fire up your child’s calculation speed and mental math ability through this unique “Math Marathon”. In this game players challenge each other by solving stimulating mathematical equations. Each player will strategically use their colored number tokens to either add, subtract, multiply or divide to move ahead on the track. Race your mind to win this ultimate “MATH-ARON”. Enjoy in solo or multiplayer mode.


Game board

45 Matharon cards

60 Number tokens

4 Player markers with stands (robots)






Place the game board in the center. Players can sit on 3 sides of the board.


Shuffle all the Matharon cards and place them in a pile faced down on the board (at the provided space).

Then open the top 4 cards from the pile and place it on the board (at the provided space).


Each player selects their robot player and collects 6 number tokens randomly drawn from the pouch.


We are now ready to run the Math-aron!


GOAL: To be the first to finish the Matharon race




  1. The youngest player starts the game.


  1. At the start, the first player chooses to solve one of the 4 Matharon cards open on the board using the number tokens he/she has.
  2. Solving a Matharon card: (Image needed)
    – Each Matharon card has blank spaces on the left and the right side of the equation.
    – You are allowed to keep only 1 token on each blank space on the left side of the equation, but upto 2 number tokens (to form 2 digit number) on the right of the equation.
    – If the blank space is coloured, the player can only use a token that matches the color of the space.If the blank space is white then you can use any color token
  3. After solving the card the player:
  • Moves the number of steps shown on the card
  • Discards and replaces the solved card with the top card from the pile
  • Discards the used number tokens and replaces it with new number tokens by randomly drawing them from the pouch (All players should have 6 number tokens at any given point in the game)


  1. Then the next player takes their turn to solve one of the 4 open cards.


  1. The game finishes when any one of the player lands on/crosses the finish line.


image Space: 

(image) Boost : Whenever the player lands on this space he/she can jump immediately to the next space

(image) Extra token : Whenever the player lands on this space he/she can take one extra number token for his next turn (total 7).



*If a player is not able to solve a card on their turn, they may replace all their number tokens and the turn is passed to the next player.

*If all cards have been played, shuffle all the discarded cards and make a new draw pile to play.



The first player to land/cross the finish line is the ultimate Matharon winner. The winner is rewarded by a medal provided.


Single player mode:

You can also play this game as a single player by noting down the number of cards solved to reach the finish line and try to beat your own record by reducing the number of cards used.



For younger players you can use only addition and subtraction cards