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The value of positive reinforcement when discussing modifying behaviors of young children is a
topic of prime importance. Positive reinforcement is a type of behavior management that focuses on
rewarding what is done well by our children. It differs from positive punishment in which you focus
less on reprimanding children for misbehavior and more on rewarding good behavior and

At Yuka, we focus on gamification reinforcement. Gamification reinforcers include learning
through games and moving up the level or winning over your competitors. These reinforcers are not
tangible, but they allow our children time for more enjoyable activities as a reward for their
diligence in learning. We also include material reinforcers, that are tangible prizes that are housed
in every game we create.

One thing we need to always remember is that positive reinforcement is contingent upon the desired
behavior and is supposed to highlight what is done well. It also needs to ensure repeat of behavious
even if the reward is not provided in the future. Positive reinforcement works well in developing
habits and behaviour patterns over time. Another thing to consider is, value as you create a
reinforcement system. The more valuable (expensive) the reward, the more time and energy that
must be spent in earning the reward. That’s why we created the levels, Victor, Champion and Super
Champ. These are collective rewards your child can gain if they consistently gain the smaller
rewards from each game.

All of the “rewards” increase the chance that not only children but also adults will continue to
choose the positive behaviors. That is positive reinforcement in a nutshell.

February 10, 2023 — Yuka Champs