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Gamification of learning is an educational approach to motivate our children to learn by using video game design and game elements in learning environments. The goal is to maximize enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning. Gamification, broadly defined, is the process of defining the elements which comprise games that make those games fun and motivate players to continue playing, and using those same elements in a non-game context to influence behaviour. In other words, gamification is the introduction of game elements in a non-game situation.

Through our games, we intend to make our children learn more everyday. In each game, there are skills that we call “powers” that are gamified for development. While playing, cognitively these
powers are unleashed or skills are developed while the children have fun. Our broad games have rewards and levels for positive reinforcement of the learning in real life.

February 10, 2023 — Yuka Champs