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Tik Tok Tick – show the time quick


4-12 years
Number Of Players:
Time Taken:
5-15 Mins

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to teach your little champs to read a clock, your search ends here. We present you the most exciting game in which kids will compete with each other to move the hands of their clocks to match the time on time card. The game can be played in three levels and from single to multiplayer mode.

How To Play

Set Up:

  • All players will take one clock each
  • Keep the pile of time cards in between all players, faced down (chose the level of cards to be       played and remove the other level time cards)


On go,the top most time card from the draw pile is flipped to face-up.

  • Each player then moves the hands (hours and minutes) of their clock to match the time shown on the time card.
  • The first player to represent the correct time will get that time card, then another card will open.
  • The game ends when all the cards from the draw pile have been drawn.

There are three different level time cards provided :-

Level 1- Beginner level :- Blue color

Level 2-Intermediate level :- yellow color

Level 3 :- advance level – red color

For Expert play :– After the players have mastered all three levels time cards , then they can flip

the clock to the non-numbered side and follow the same steps to play

For single player mode :- TYou can also play this game as a single player by noting down the time taken to finish all the cards (whichever level he/she plays) and trying to beat his/her own time record each time

The Winner:

The player who earns the maximum number of time cards, wins the game


  • Clocks- 4
  • Time cards – 72
  • Bonus:- Reward chart
  • Star sticker sheet

Power Unleashed


  • This power improves the the ability of our children to read from a clock the time of day or night in hours & minutes.


  • This power improves the ability of our children to make note of and understand their surroundings better, and develop response.


  • This power enhances the speed and accuracy of our childrens’ response to any kind of situation.


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