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Tik Tok Tick – show the time quick


Age :4-12 years
Number Of Players : 1-4
Time Taken : 15 Mins

A board game unleashing your power of reading time. It is very important for kids to be able to tell the time since it is the first step towards setting and following routines. The game starts with simple hours and moves up to the military 24 hour clock, ensuring that your child knows how to tell the time in any format.

Contains: Elements

  • Analogue clock – 4 (front and back )
  • Time cards -72
    Level 1 -24
    Level 2 – 24
    Level 3 – 24
  • Rulebook
  • Bonus :- Power badge
    Reward chart

Powers unleashed:

Power of Time Telling

Power of Speed

Power of Observation


How to Play
Tick Tock Tick is a game to learn how to represent the correct time on the clock, it can be played by
1-4 players.
There are two sides of every clock. We suggest all players get well versed with the numbered side
of the clock and play multiple times before flipping and playing with the non-numbered side.
On go, all players face up the numbered side of their clocks and be ready to move the hours and
minutes hands of the clock.
To begin, the top most time card from the draw pile is flipped to face up and each player then
competes with each other to move the hands of their respective clock to represent the time shown
on the time card. The player who represents the correct time first in his/her respective clock wins
that time card.
The game ends when all the time cards have been drawn.
There are 3 level cards:
Level 1 – Has the beginner level time cards with larger time denominations. The time cards shows
the basic hourly and half past hourly times Ex:- 1:00 , 5:00 , 6:30
Level 2 – This has the intermediate level time cards with smaller denominations of minutes. Ex:-
1:45, 3:20 , 5:15
Level 3 – This has the advance level time cards . The deck has the military time of 24 hour cards
from 13 – 24. Ex:- 13:10 , 13:30 , 18:00
As the players progress and move up the levels, the previous deck of cards is added to the next
level. At level 2, the players read time from both level 1 and level 2 cards and at level 3 all the
decks are mixed to play.
For Expert play :– After the players have mastered all three levels time cards , then they can flip
the clock to the non-numbered side and follow the same steps to play
For single player mode :- The parent can give a clock to the child and keep opening the time cards
one by one .The child has to rush and move the hands of the clock to represent the time on the time
card. Parent can keep a time limit and keep a track of numbers of time cards completed in that time
limit. Everytime the child can try beating his own track of completing the number of time cards
within the set time limit.
The Winner:
The player who earns maximum number of time cards wins the game
● Analogue clock – 4 (front and back )
● Time cards -72 level 1 -24
Level 2 – 24
Level 3 – 24
● Rulebook
● Bonus :- Power badge
Reward chart
the powers unleashed with Tick Tok Tick are:
1. Power of Time Telling
2. Power of Speed
3. Power of Observation


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