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Do you see me? – The game of animal learning

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A fun card game that unleashes the observation power in your child at its core. Do you see me?
aims at improving your child’s knowledge about animals and their categories, all packed in a fun
competitive game that also develops response speed and cognitive skills. The game consists of over 60+ cards which increases the playability and learning of many different
animals. It truly is the best mix of learning and fun!

The power of observation improves the ability of our children to make note of and understand
their surroundings better, and develop response. As the game progresses your child involves
themselves into a world of animals and starts to observe more and more details to tell the odd one
out quicker than their competitor.
The ability to grasp the details of the animals is improved through the power of focus and they
develop a faster response over time which unleashes the power of speed .

To play:
On go, the top-most card from the draw pile is flipped to face-up. Each player must be the fastest at
spotting the odd one out based on land or water and wild or tamable characteristics of the animal.
Anyone to spot the “odd one out” can either point at the animal or name the animal out loud. The
first player to point or name wins that card and takes the card from the draw pile and places it in
front or on top of the already won cards.
After winning this card, a new card from the draw pile is revealed. The game continues until all the
cards from the draw pile have been drawn.



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